Rude Film Production Crew in Downtown LA

I pay a fairly hefty sum of money for parking on a monthly basis as my loft doesn’t provide spaces for residents. Today as I was leaving my over-priced parking lot I noticed that the gate I normally exit onto 6th street from was being manned by a security guard for a production company. This production company has taken over most of the ground level parking lot for what appear to be food tents for the actors / extras.

As I pulled up to the gate to leave, I asked the guard if he could open the gate for me, which he told me he couldn’t and to turn around and go out on to Main St., which would add about 4 blocks on to my commute as I would be forced to navigate around 4 one-way streets to get back on to 6th. I told him that I pay a good deal of money for parking at the lot and that it would be nice if he could let me out. He said he didn’t give a damn how much I paid and if I wanted to get out I could open the gate my damn self. As I was opening the gate he called me an asshole and muttered something under his breath which sounded like a threat.

This is another example of how Downtown residents are treated as second class citizens by the movie industry. They should realize that they are guests in our neighborhood and treat us respectfully. Of course there were no filming notifications posted up in our parking garage, so I have no one to contact to report this incident to.

Update Oops, I accidentally left commenting turned off, but beopenguin emailed me to let me know the number for FilmLA which I called, and I also emailed them at [email protected] I know that I am not the only Downtown resident how has had issues with film crews in my neighborhood. It is time that the industry started respecting the residents of their city.

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  1. You can always call FilmLA


    They are pretty responsive to our complaints. Tell them there was no notification, that usually gets their attention.

  2. Good good. Remember, don’t forget to call the police as well. Lots of out of work screenwriters are PD officers and they LOVE to harrass productions downtown. If they blocking your path, without notication and an off duty cop and it’s not a limited time…it annoys the cops. (Yes I have proof on those screenwriters as well)

  3. i suspect the only place that would actually be able to give you any satisfaction is the management of the parking garage that is selling out our sixth street entrance/exit.

    there is probably nothing that filmla or the cops can do — the film crews are almost certainly doing this with the full cooperation of the parking garage/lot management.

    it would be nice if the parking lot management did a better job of posting notices so their customers (us) could see them, but i suspect they are simply eating whatever filmla gives them. i have seen the notices posted on the pedestrian entrance on main street every once in a while.

  4. Let me preface this by stating the obvious: that assbag rentacop behaved like a total douchetard. But having said that, could his inexcuseably rude over-reaction have stemmed from a “you’re not the boss of me” mentality? I’m just trying to envision even the slightest kernel of what his point of view might be, i.e. him being there to guard film location assets and not cater to the needs of any upstart downtownies.

    Certainly you had every right to be able to access the street as you normally do, but I’m just curious if you’d approached the guard from a “hey is it OK if I open the gate?” POV if he might have been slightly less of a fuckstick.

    Just wondering…

    Production companies with flagrant disdain and disrespect for the rules and regs and residents may be the over-arching topic here, but what I really wanna know is what prevented you from asking for this mofo guard’s name and ID and filing a complaint with his employer. Or at the very least grab his picture and make him the posterboy for your frustrations.

  5. Will:

    Yeah I thought about doing that, but I was already running late to for work and I didn’t want to turn the hassle into a major confrontation.

  6. Instead of blaming the greater los angeles film community over a lowly security guard, why not take issue with the parking lot owner?

    Were you surprised to see film crews downtown?

    Nimby anone?

    You could tell FIlm LA that you weren’t notified, but were you?

  7. Awww pooor EECUE, you need to to complaint to the parking company not the film crew. Stop complaining and go take pictures…

  8. I didn’t say anything about not in my backyard, I love movies and I think the fact that they shoot in Downtown is cool, what I am talking about, is respect. Also, the security guard was a film crew, not parking garage employee.

  9. “You could tell FIlm LA that you weren’t notified, but were you?”

    It says quite clearly in the last paragraph of the post that there were no notifications. If you have trouble with comprehension make it a habit to read it twice, and then, when commenting, read again to make sure your point was not covered. This will help you to keep from looking like a ninny.

    Don’t mention it . . . your welcome.

  10. eecue…

    Sounds like they at least owe you a free run at the carered spread.

    Sometimes I get ticked at those crews too – I was carrying a heavy box down Broadway the other day for a nice lady and the crew was totally blocking the sidewalk… I said “excuse me” and they let me through, but after (after!!!) I got through the group of people blocking the sidewalk some sort of director type fuzzhead runs up in front of me and screams in my face that I have to turn around, go back through and cross the street to keep going… man he was really pissed too… I said “too late for that – and it’s a public sidewalk – where’s your barricades?” By the time he finished falling all over himself to cuss me out I was halfway down the block and the young lady was busting up laughing.

    It was probably a better scene than whatever they were filming.

    No, I don’t think you’re a NIMBY. Nobody likes to be shat upon by anyone – especially in your own space!

    Yes, I said “shat”. Ha.

  11. Your are not paying parking to the film crew, so in reality the film crew is not at fault is the parking company that is at fault, take your anger with them for letting the film crew take over.

  12. Years ago I had a brief gig working as a location manager. We had to go into neighborhoods and attempt to get signatures from every resident on the street that would be affected by our crew and we had to post notices as well. I’m surprised by the way the film crews comandeer our streets and I rarely find posted notices of their work.

  13. you should consider contacting Geoffrey Smith who is the director of community relations for FilmLA. i have been speaking with him for a while as nighttime filming right outside my place is really getting out of hand. his email is [email protected].

    i havent had much luck but i think if more and more people make their voices heard hopefully FilmLA will be forced to start considering residents a bit more. take care.

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