Lee Lee’s Nip Slip

photoApologies or your welcome in advance to this mention of the wardrobe malfunction at last Saturday’s Directors Guild Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. While the big news was Martin Scorsese’s win for “The Departed”, the real event at the show was when Lee Lee Sobieski took the stage to present a daytime TV director award.

Greg Hernandez of Out In Hollywood was there:

As she began her presentation, the dress shifted and half of her breast was exposed. She was completely unaware and kept on with her presentation which was filled with seductive lines about each soaps plotline. She went on and on and on. The audience was spellbound. When the ballroom was darkened to show clips of the nominees, Sobieski remained on the stage to prepare to announce the winner. No one told her of her wardrobe malfunction or ran out with some double-stick tape to rescue her. She announed the winner, breast nipple still exposed and was asked to read the absent winner’s acceptance speech. She did. It was a long one. She remained projected on all of the big screens in the ballroom. It was like we were all in grade school with the room buzzing and people giggling.

While host Carl Reiner stuck to his script and made no mention of the nipple slip, the presenters who followed took no exception:

Maria Bello took the stage in a red dress with a plunging neckline and said to the audience: “Please, dear God someone tell me if my boob falls out. Please, be brave.” She then jokingly covered her breasts with both hands for a second before reading the nominations.

Presenter Steve Martin took the stage and said: “Sorry I was a little late. I was backstage trying to convince LeeLee Sobieski that the best way to remove double-sided tape is with saliva.”

And they say they don’t show enough award shows on TV… of course, this one wasn’t televised.
…photo by David Crane at the Daily News, used with permission
… (pic originally used for this post pulled as rights couldn’t be confirmed, but can still be seen at Flickr in Gano_1972’s album)…

2 thoughts on “Lee Lee’s Nip Slip”

  1. It will be such an excellent world when nudity, entire or in part, in public or in private, planned or not particularly planned, is no more to be remarked upon than a stray lock of hair. I would love to think that the lady was aware of the situation but, rightly, thought it non-u, non-cool, to make a big deal about it by fumbling around. Cy Quick at mydigest.wordpress.com

  2. Cy Quick – YOU ROCK~!

    Yeah, we get so fuckin’ twisted about this stuff… and we all know basically what’s under the clothes anyhow! Oh, sure, nobody want’s to see MY ugly ass naked on stage, but that doesn’t mean we should have a stigma about it.

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