Car pool lanes… bad news, and good news.

carpool.jpgThe bad news: The Department of Transportation has stopped issuing passes for new hybrid car owners to be able to drive solo in car pool lanes. (more at Curbed LA)

The good news: Orange County officials are considering opening up the car pool lanes to solo drivers, no matter what kind of automobile they drive, at least during non-peak hours. (more at LA Times’ Bottleneck Blog)

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5 thoughts on “Car pool lanes… bad news, and good news.”

  1. Its about time they ban those damn stickers. Its nothing more than an excuse for a bunch of elisist snobs to rub in they can pay for a privilege.

    If they are really interested in preserving the environment they would be over in the slow lane and free up the carpool lane so cars with a gas engine that need to be kept at a steady constant speed to be most efficient and cleanest could just do that – run clean at maximum MPG.

    The only thing worse than getting stuck behind a damned prius going 20 mph less than prevailing traffic plugging the carpool lane is getting behind those damned braindead suburban housewives in their SUV’s going 80 while talking on their freaking mobile, yelling at the brat in the car seat and putting on makeup while bobbing and weaving in traffic.

    My rant. Enjoy.

  2. This morning, there were 3 hybrids in front of me and 1 behind me. The carpool lane going over the 405 southbound is now almost as slow as the rest of the lanes. How is this an improvement? If there is a hybrid owner out there annoyed that they didn’t get a sticker, don’t be. The carpool lane is now officially full! Maybe there should be a carpool lane and a separate hybrid lane . . .

  3. You got the bad news and the good news mixed up.

    They never should have started letting hybrids use the carpool lane. It just perpetuates the main problem: solo use of automobiles as the main form of transportation in Southern California. And so does letting solo drivers use the carpool lanes during “non-peak” hours.

  4. Frazgo: I hate to play favorites, but your may be my favorite comment of the week!

    Hoot: I’ve never had luck using the carpool lane. I always get stuck behind a bus, slow motorcycyle (seriously), or just regular cars that for some reason want to use the lane because they can, but decide to drive at or below the speed limit. I’ve never seen a hybrid using them. That said, I understand the frustration.

    Daniel: I’d agree with you on your first point, but I don’t see how allowing solo drivers to use an under utilized lane during non-peak hours is a bad idea.

  5. David…thanks for the comment. I’m with you on freeing up the HOV lane for anyone in off peak hours. The 14 FWY up to Palmdale is that way and it works well. Something we need to get some to do down in the basin.

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