Letters to Los Angeles: Here come some new girls.

Dearest Los Angeles,

There are so many reasons why I love you. One of the most important of the myriad reasons is that you attract crazy women even more than I do. Impressive my good friend, truly impressive.

Much has been made of David Beckham’s journey to Los Angeles, often mentioned is also his plastic beautiful wife, Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. Well, guess what Los Angeles, I heard that Posh has a blog! YES! Now everyone can see what it’s like for the rich, famous and new to town.

I’m still finding my way around as LA is a big place I’m trying to work out how to get from Santa Monica to Malibu, and from Brentwood to Bel Air… But we’ll get there. The sooner the better – the kids want to know the quickest way to Disneyland !

Living in new cities is ROUGH.

Even more crazy, though perhaps less exciting, is MTV’s very own Krishtine de Leon of MTV’s “I’m From Rolling Stone.” You may know her as the crazy one who won’t stop talking about her grill. Or you may not know her because I hear no one is really watching that show, I dunno. Regardless, she’s moving to LA, she’sgot a blog too! AND it’s full of fightin’ words!

what the fuck does my grill have to do with anything? It’s a conversation piece, yes, and well intended. But it is also my filter. Whoever doesn’t understand its significance, or my very deliberate ownership of this accoutrement ain’t someone I really need to trip off of anyway.

Damn, LA. This Spring is gonna be CRAZY! The fun never stops when you’re around. What are you doing this weekend? Maybe Cheetah’s on Friday night? Hit me back, dude.

Your friend,