5 thoughts on “What’s this I see?”

  1. That is an artwork by Cameron McNall which is meant to throw a shadow of the image on nearby buildings at certain times of day. A few years ago he installed several of them on buildings around town. Cameron is one of the principals of Electroland, the firm that created the interactive light display EnterActive at MetLofts, 11th & Flower.


  2. It does, too-the shadow is amazing. I first noticed it when I was going to Golds’ Gym near there–back when I saw Crispin Glover & Fabio in the same trip to the gym.

    That, too, was amazing. But I like the artwork better in the long run.

  3. There used to be a silhouette from North by Northwest in the area as well, Melrose and Citrus — Cary Grant running from the plane — but long been dismantled.

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