OMFG!! Panic! Strange Messages in the Sky!

If I lived in Boston I’d be in a panic right now!

There were things in the sky … messages! Words formed by clouds. This can’t be anything but the work of terrorists! Cuz it’s digital looking.

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3 thoughts on “OMFG!! Panic! Strange Messages in the Sky!”

  1. I too saw a digital looking message written in the sky today! Right above the USC campus. I noticed it after it became unreadable though, so I don’t know what it said :(

  2. These are cool. I almost book these guys to promote an event a couple years ago. Instead of having a plane fly in weird arcs and pump out smoke that disappears by the time they’re done with a couple letters, the planes here fly in a straight path as a computer synched smoke machine pumps out the letters a la dot matrix style.

  3. Yeah that dude was a great skywriter! Saw it all the way over in Montecito Heights.

    Although the no wind factor helped too but the dot matrix stylee works the best!

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