We’d like to thank all the little people…

I’m genuinely flattered to be making this post. The LA City Nerd has announced the winners of their City Nerd Awards and through some kind of trickery or black magic, we won something! The Nerd writes:

2006 City Nerd Blog

Though there are so many blogs out there that have an LA theme (many listed on our menu to the right), there are few that have the passion for the City to do what needs to be done to focus on the City and promote it. Metroblogging LA, or Blogging LA, does just that and is the 2006 City Nerd Blogawardee. I think what proved their passion for blogging in LA wasn’t that they stayed focused on LA through and through, but that they really went for it. Proof: the 25 greatest fictional characters of LA. They speak of LA in a way that promotes it – just look at their art.blogging.la feature that keeps the world aware of LA’s art scene. And as a group blog, they have variedcivic-nerdy posts. Heck, they even have “celebrity” postings from Wil Wheaton. How much more nerdy and LA can you get?

While I’m usually of the opinion that these kinds of awards are just linkbait and often go to the people who post the most link to the contest begging for votes rather than who actually deserves it, The Nerd set this up differently asking for nominations from the public and then utilizing a cabal of anonymous experts to make the final decision which removes the usual problem with stuffed ballots. That snip is probably one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever written about our little blog (except for that “celebrity” bit – Wil is just this guy, you know?), and on behalf of all of us here, thanks a million.

Other winners include Eric Richardson, Eric Garcetti, Mitch O’Farrell, Bill Robertson, Hollywood, Million Tree Initiative, Reseda Neighborhood Council, Brian Humphrey and Tom LaBonge. You can read the full award text and descriptions here.