Was Last Night’s American Idol Show-Stopper A Winona Trial Alternate Juror? Just Curious…

I won’t trouble you with any extensive backstory about my shameless fascination with American Idol other than to say it’s a guilty pleasure that me and my wife Susan look forward to every week. Moving on.

sp.jpgEven if you don’t watch it, perchance you’ve heard about last night’s show-stealer, a 64-year-old man named Sherman Pore, who despite being 36 years over the contestant cut-off age presented a petition to the judges and auditioned to fulfill a promise he made to his wife who had died of cancer a few days earlier. Nicely singing a tender rendition of “You Belong To Me” he got Paula Abdul’s waterworks flowing along with mine and Susan’s and I’d hazard a vast majority percentage of everyone tuned in.

Though I get the sense he’s way to grown up and down to earth to get caught up in the hype, on this the day after the touching scene I googled his name to see if he might be making any morning show appearances anywhere on his buzz-generating way to becoming the next William “She Bangs!” Hung (except Pore can actually sing and stuff). But instead of finding links to him on “Good Morning America” or “Good Day L.A.” or “The View,” the first two results Google gave me were links to a transcript of a “Larry King Live” show on cnn.com and an article on courttv.com dealing with the guilty verdict handed down in Wynona Ryder’s 2002 shoplifting trial.

No real big deal here, but I just found it of interest that Mr. Pore was either an alternate juror on the panel that convicted Wynona (although apparently he would’ve voted “not guilty”) or shares the same name as the “semi-retired maintenance mechanic and inventor” who was.