Say you have a couple grand to spend on belly piercing jewelry


If that’s the case (and I’m still a bit iffy on why that would be), then you’d better head on over to Belly Bella in Beverly Hills right away.

For reasons beyond my cognitive abilities, my friendly letter carrier just delivered their new catalog to me. I do not have a belly button piercing, nor am I likely to get one. In fact they skeeve me and I wish the whole trend would just go away already.

Nevertheless, the existence of Belly Bella tells me that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

If you like white gold or platinum (and who doesn’t) you can look to spend 7 or 8 Thousand Dollars on a nice belly ring. The cheap ones are about two grand, and if you’re REALLY frugal you can maybe get out of there with a “dangle” for only $700.

Hey, at these prices why not get two?

4 thoughts on “Say you have a couple grand to spend on belly piercing jewelry”

  1. I got that too! I thought maybe it was some new line of diet foods designed to make you beautiful from the inside out, with a name like “Belly Bella.” But no, it’s for not-so-cheap trashy ho types. Anyway, I like the big gold paper clip it came with. Maybe I’ll pierce my navel with that.

  2. What this means is somewhere downtown, there are a couple of jewelers who specialize in this stuff, so you can get your $7000 belly ring for only $1800, if you are willing to go look and haggle.

  3. They seemingly can’t keep their website working well enough for me to peruse their selections. That said, you can get fancy-schmancy gold and platinum jewel-encrusted navel whatzits at many piercing studios around town, for much, much less. This seems to cater towards people who want to class up their navels. No slumming at the piercing shop with the icky tattooed people for you!

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