Birds, Bombs, Boston and Bewilderment

February 1, 2007 at 9:50 am in News


If you have been following this story from yesterday you might be under the impression that the folks in Boston massively overreacted. Some people are not under that impression, but then again some people are idiots. The fact that the press keep calling this a “terrorism hoax” is just disgusting. It wasn’t a hoax at all. It was an ad campaign for a cartoon network that had nothing to do with terrorism at all. The link with terrorism only came when the afore mentioned idiots assumed “electronics = bomb” and freaked the fuck out. Can I just say that I’m proud to live in one of the cities that has these things all over them as well where no one assumed they were terrorism related? Thats right, Boston wasn’t the only place. They are up in 8 other major cities. Here’s posts from our blogs in Austin and Chicago with photos of the local ones there. Funny, I don’t recall either of those cites shutting down in panic anytime over the last few weeks that these have been up and around. I don’t have photos of any in LA, but I’m looking for them and want one for my living room so bad I can taste it. If I can’t find one, I’m going to have to settle for an “ATHF is the bomb!” shirt. In a comment on this post Wil has smart-bomb like accuracy:

“Equating a silly viral marketing stunt with a bomb threat, is just retarded, and it actually devalues actual threats and hoaxes. Remember when DHS, at the direction of the Bush campaign, jacked up terror warnings whenever Kerry began to rise in the polls, or Bush began to sink? After the third or fourth time that happened, did anyone take any of those warnings seriously? I know I didn’t, and that’s where the real danger in this whole thing is: the media was so irresponsible and overreacted so supremely in this instance, if there’s a very real threat in the near future, how many people won’t take it seriously, because they remember this one?”

There’s been up to the minute play by play of this over on Metroblogging Boston if you want to see how it unfolded. At this point, Boston law enforcement and politicians needs to say “Ooops, sorry, we’re doofs” drop all the charges and get on with their lives.

UPDATE: This photo says it all.

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