N.W.A. visits Venice Beach, 1989

Sometimes I like looking at old video footage of LA. Sometimes that footage has Eazy-E in it. If Wikipedia is accurate, we know the following about Eazy-E: He was 5’5″ tall. He lived in the same house in Compton his entire life. He used to drive a red Suzuki Samurai. The Mayor of Compton announced an Eazy-E day to be held every year in the City of Compton. He is known for his visit to the White House and having dinner with George H.W. Bush.

2 thoughts on “N.W.A. visits Venice Beach, 1989”

  1. Wow – I remember that! I was living on Pacific Ave and 25th then. My roommate was there during the shoot. I was at work so I missed it. A genuine blast from the past! (pun intended)

  2. See my comments in quotes …

    Hey Yo doctor, here’s another proper track
    and it’s phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper
    and let that real shit provoke, so you’s a wanna be ‘loc
    and you’ll get smoked and i hope that yer fans understand (this was when you could tell that E was losing his mind. He held the “-oke” rhyme and then hitched with “fans” and “understand”, it was just awkward … maybe it was the strep throat … oh sorry, that was …)
    when ya talk about sprayin me, the same records that ya
    makin’ is payin me
    Motherfuck Dre
    Motherfuck Snoop
    Motherfuck Death Row
    yo and here comes my left blow (i don’t understand, if it’s a true left blow and it’s his knockout punch, then the son should end after the next verse because he would’ve have leveled his opponent)
    ‘cuz i’m the E-A-Z-Y-E, and this is the season
    to let the Real motherfuckin G’s in, ya like a kid ya
    found a pup and now yer dapper, but tell me where the
    fuck ya found an anorexic rapper
    talkin ’bout who ya go squabble with and who ya shoot
    you’re only 60 pounds when yer wet and wearin boots (maybe he was thinking about more of a Technical Knockout? of Mike Tyson Punchout fame?)

    Gansta Dresta (seriously, this guy was terrible):
    damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day

    But Dre Day only meant Eazy’s pay day
    all of a sudden Dr Dre is a G thang, but on his
    old album covers he was a she thang (have you seen the picture of dre on the inside of this album cover? hillarious? he’s in SEQUENCE! one of the best all-time hip hop card pulls of all time)
    so Nigga please, Nigga please don’t step to deez
    motherfuckin’ Real G’s

    Yo Dre, whassup? *bang*
    man you should of known by now…
    Yo Dre, whassup? *bang*
    man you should of known by now… (I lost my train of thought … now I’m thinking of soda popinski)

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