22 thoughts on “Bombs Over Boston?”

  1. Yeah, what a stupid city! Upon finding circuit boards and wires hanging under bridges and in the subway, they should’ve naturally assumed that it was a cartoon promotion.

    Heckova job to you, boner

  2. Considering it’s powering an LED image of a cartoon character, yeah, maybe they should have. Believe it or not, circuit boards and wires are used in all kinds of things that aren’t bombs. Imagine that!

  3. if cities like Boston can be halfway shutdown at the drop of a hat for such an absurd false-alarm, does that mean that the terrorists have won or that we’re just as scared as Bush/Cheney/the neocons4life want us to be?

  4. Also worth mentioning, this campaign has been going on for several weeks in nine cities. Boston is the only one that seems to think it’s an intentional bomb hoax.

  5. IEDs are made of what? Circuit boards and wires.

    Your claim that “circuit boards and wires are used in all kinds of things that aren’t bombs” true but when they’re placed UNDER F’N BRIDGES, the city is usually notified. Should they just accept this suspicious thing that came seemingly out of nowhere, under over and around mass populated areas? You can’t be this stupid

    The city was completely justified in taking these precautions. A cartoon character doesn’t automatically make something safe, tabs of acid often have cartoons on them.

    If they had turned out to be IEDs, the same idiots who are saying they overreacted would be crying “why didn’t the city do anything?” waaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. The panic was uncalled for. Many people seem to think that terrorists are stupid enough to leave wires hanging out with flashing timers. Previous terrorist bombing attempts have all tried to disguise the device in backpacks, boxes, etc.

  7. Utter over reaction in Boston. I used to visit often. I still referred to occasionally as a “town” – as in Beantown.

    Its insulting that the city is blaming all of this on TBS. Its one thing to act out of caution, but this sounds like total paranoia and overreaction.

  8. Los Angeles is one of the cities targeted in this campaign and I sorely wished I knew where one of these things are, as I would grab one in a heartbeat.

  9. As someone currently living in Boston, I’m going to agree with Markland….it was completely blown out of proportion. The news wouldn’t shut up about it and for the governor to call it an unfunny hoax? A bit too much if you ask me. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go anywhere today..

  10. We’re doing exactly what the terrorists want,looking over our shoulder’s, and
    jumping every time someone say’s “boo” sad.

  11. We’re doing exactly what the MAN wants,looking over our shoulder’s, and
    jumping every time someone say’s “boo” sad.

    there fixed that for ya. Vote 3rd party!

  12. I’m glad the LAPD weren’t so easily duped by these. These things have been up for a few weeks now.

  13. As far as I can tell, this is what happened:

    1. [adult swim] has a clever viral marketing program.
    2. People begin to notice the clever viral marketing program.
    3. Someone wets their pants, because LEDs in an odd shape clearly mean we’re all about to die.
    4. Police overreact.
    5. Media overreacts.
    6. Entire city of Boston is fucked for an entire day.
    7. Entire city of Boston is (understandably) pissed.
    8. Media which overreacted and labeled the viral marketing a terrorist hoax, decides that [adult swim] and Turner somehow owe people of Boston an apology, and also owe city all the costs the city incurred. There’s a rather angry editorial at boston.com which really lays into Turner for perpetuating a “terrorist hoax” on an innocent city. The only problem with that is that it wasn’t a fucking terrorist hoax! It was a viral marketing campaign that went awry when a bunch of people over-reacted.

    So the first thing is that the fucking idiot media need to stop referring to this as a terrorist hoax, because it wasn’t, okay? And all these politicians and newsdrones who are embarrassed now that it’s clear they overreacted also need to stop trying so hard to make put this all at Turner’s feet.

    Look, I’d be pissed, too, if my whole city was effectively shut down for a day, but how exactly is [adult swim] and Turner responsible for this? Did they tell their viewers to go out and create some sort of terrorist hoax? I’m pretty sure they just told their viewers to build cool LED versions of the Mooninites (which is pretty fucking cool, if you ask me.) As far as I can tell, it was the media and law enforcement who decided to freak out and make everyone in the city of Boston think it was some sort of terrorist plot, and then a terrorist hoax.

    Equating a silly viral marketing stunt with a bomb threat, is just retarded, and it actually devalues actual threats and hoaxes. Remember when DHS, at the direction of the Bush campaign, jacked up terror warnings whenever Kerry began to rise in the polls, or Bush began to sink? After the third or fourth time that happened, did anyone take any of those warnings seriously? I know I didn’t, and that’s where the real danger in this whole thing is: the media was so irresponsible and overreacted so supremely in this instance, if there’s a very real threat in the near future, how many people won’t take it seriously, because they remember this one?

  14. Thanks for all of that fear mongering, Bush Administration! Now anything slightly out of the ordinary is a terrorist plot.

    Relevant posts on this in Austin , where we were recently shut down when some birds turned up dead (at least something died in that case), and Chicago as well.

  15. Seems LA has been down this route before too. Who’s “retarded” now?


    SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise’s upcoming “Mission: Impossible III” got off to an explosive start when a county arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained a bomb.

    The confusion: the Los Angeles Times rack was fitted with a digital musical device designed to play the “Mission: Impossible” theme song when the door was opened. But in some cases, the red plastic boxes with protruding wires were jarred loose and dropped onto the stack of newspapers inside, alarming customers.

    Sheriff’s officials said they rendered the news rack in this suburb 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles “safe” after being called to the scene Friday by a concerned individual who thought he’d seen a bomb.

    Times officials said the devices were placed in 4,500 randomly selected news boxes in Los Angeles and Ventura counties in a venture with Paramount Pictures designed to turn the “everyday news rack experience” into an “extraordinary mission.”

    It was just that, at least for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arson squad, which destroyed the box.

    “This was the least intended outcome. We weren’t expecting anything like this,” said John O’Loughlin, the Times’ senior vice president for planning.

    The devices are to remain in the boxes until May 7, two days after the film is scheduled to open.

  16. 1. Santa Clarita is not Los Angeles.

    2. A red box with wires hanging out of it is a different image than a cartoon character flipping the bird.

    3. There are morons everywhere.

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