Thrillist goes Spy Hard

I’ve been receiving the daily email from since the SoCal offshoot of the New York site launched a little over a week ago, and so far have been largely unimpressed. Promising “targeted, relevant information you can actually use”, Thrillist has mostly been reviews of bars and clubs in the area, and while well written, nothing fresh or different from what you can find at any number of local blogs.

However, today they wrote about Absolution Gym’s “Spy School”, which, frankly, has made up for the rest of the less than inspired entries.

Over a period of several months, hopeful assassins learn mid-air acrobatics at a WeHo gym, scale cliffs in Malibu, and unload Glocks into paper targets at a clandestine, undisclosed gun range — all in the name of pretend-espionage awesomeness. Absolution’s top-secret roster of specialists is packed with experts in all the spy fields, from hand-to-hand combat to ice climbing.

How could anyone procrastinate using this gym membership?

Thrillist promises that favorable reviews can’t be bought (unlike Daily Candy, another email zine that recently spammed subscribers with a paid rave about Wal-Mart (h/t reader a35mmLife).

What Thrillist need to do is obvious: just become a blog. Their site design is fun and vibrant, and you can search past emails, but there’s no easy to browse archive. Let people choose between the email or just reading the blog (or maybe an RSS feed)… and if you really want people to still subscribe, make sure there’s an advantage (maybe advance emails before entries hit the blog, or premiums of some sort, such as contests, freebies, etc. for subscribers only).

Then again, this would defeat the gimmick of the name: Thrillist = Thrill+List.

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