KTLA Gets Star on Walk of Fame

ktla.jpgThis morning, KTLA is broadcasting their morning show live from Hollywood Blvd in celebration of the Walk of Fame star they will be getting at 9:30 am. This year is the stations 60th anniversary, and station personalities Stan Chambers, Hal Fishman, Larry McCormick, Klaus Landsberg already have stars of their own. If we’re to believe the ads they were running all day yesterday, this is also the first star awarded to a TV station so it’s something they are super psyched about. If you want to run down and try and get on camera or something wacky, the morning show is being filmed in the Babylon Pavilion at Hollywood and Highland, which is kinda on the north side near the Starbucks. If you’d rather read all about their 60th, this star, some of the major stories they’ve covered, and the individual folks there with their own stars check out this handy site they have whipped up just for that very purpose.

4 thoughts on “KTLA Gets Star on Walk of Fame”

  1. Can I be the first to cry foul that a company is receiving this award? Let alone a local station? This isn’t what our Hollywood forefathers had in mind when they signed the Constitution whatever rules that dictated who would qualify for a star.

    Next thing you know, CNN will have a star, then Starbucks itself.

    I hate to say it, but Ryan Seacrest was more deserving. KTLA doesn’t fit, and sets a bad precedent.

  2. I’m sure tourists will be lining up in droves to come look at this star and go “What the fuck is KTLA?”

    It’s where _la lives, for cryin’ out loud! :)

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