Forbes’ LA-centric top 25 web celebs

Los Angeles not only has more TV stars and movie stars than anywhere else, but now Forbes is showing we have more internet celebrities than anywhere else.

Their Web Celeb 25 was released today, “a list of the biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet”, including the following seven nine Angelenos:

1. Jessica Lee Rose, aka lonelygirl15
2. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton
4. Matt Drudge (moved to FL – add this to the queue LAist!)
8. Amanda Congdon, formerly of (now at ABC News)
15. Cory Doctorow, co founder of writer at BoingBoing
16. Xeni Jardin, co founder of writer at BoingBoing*
20. Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson*
22. Defamer’s Mark Lisanti
23. Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis

Two Metroblogging authors also made the list: Violet Blue, who writes for San Francisco, and Xeni Jardin, who helped launch before she got busy with BoingBoing.

h/t Jason Calacanis

*UPDATED: It was pointed out to me that both Xeni and Charles, originally not included as Angelenos above, live in LA.

UPDATED (again): Cory and Xeni didn’t found Boing Boing, they just made it rock harder. And everyone insists Drudge lives elsewhere. However, Hosea Frank, aka Ze Frank, will be moving from New York to LA soon so I’m keeping the count still at nine. PS: I just fired our fack checkers.

8 thoughts on “Forbes’ LA-centric top 25 web celebs”

  1. Yo, just because C. Doctorow is in L.A. for the semester you think you can claim him?

    That’s OK, I understand. Being able to endure L.A. for as long as four months is an accomplishment all by itself!

  2. I’m really glad that I don’t know or recognize a name belonging to a single person on that list.

  3. If the list is really supposed to be the “biggest, brightest and most influential people” then having Jessica Lee Rose at #1 strikes me as pretty silly.

  4. All props to my friend Cory Doctorow and Xeni, but BoingBoing the print zine was founded by Mark Frauenfelder who turned it into a blog long before Cory and Xeni were around.

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