Are you paying too much rent?


My new favorite site to point people looking for new rental accommodations to is Rentometer. Hell prospective renters should be directing landlords to it as well. Well, unless they are paying under average then it’s probably better to STFU. Anyway, with this site you simply enter your address and how much rent you are paying and it tells you how that figure compares to other people in your neighborhood. It’s not extremely clear where it’s getting the date from, as “online listings” could mean anything, but it’s a pretty good gauge as far as I can tell. I checked the last several places I’ve lived, and a few friends rents as well and all came up about where I thought they would. [via Curbed LA]

4 thoughts on “Are you paying too much rent?”

  1. They’ve definitely improved their data source over the past couple weeks since I last tried it (when it was mentioned here(? I can’t find that old post now)).

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