Who’s playing at Coachella 2007?

Who cares? Once again my official stance is that Coachella is about as close to hell on earth as you can get. It’s even worse than Burning Man. But if you are into the idea of cramming into a field with about a billion other people, paying $75 for a cup of water, cooking all day in the sun, going deaf, and generally being as miserable as you can be without being in jail, then here’s the line up info you’ve been waiting for. I’ll be hanging out in bro-free LA, enjoying some air conditioning.

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    But yet, got my presale tickets and going al 3 days. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Come on. For a guy that loves to get all jock about riding a bike from here to Kingdom Come, a little heat bugs you? Yeah, some of the headliners suck. I could care less about Rage Against The Appliance, nor do I care to hear The Red Hot Chilli Peppers sing another douchey song about California. But to shit on the festival for the sake of it? I have always had a fun time there. And it sure beats going to the same clubs here in LA. For a guy who worked for Victory to even suggest a “Bro-free” weekend is a bit silly.

  3. Hmmm… 3 days waiting in line for 20 dollar pizza and wading through hipster emo transfan douchebag heaven searching for 10 dollar water… OR Spending 3 solid days pulling every single hair off my body with a pair of precison twezers while watching Nascar after attending a waterboarding class at Gitmo. God , as appealing as it would be to see Rage against the medicore and the Chili Peppers sing yet another song that strings “clever” usages of the word California I think I’ll stick to the routine torture. There are just some things you don’t do in War.

  4. Yeah, I’d rather see Ozo at the HOB again. Rage & the Peps are cool, but not at a huge festival which both bands have come pretty close to raging (???) against in the past… seems like all the good “individualist” bands sooner or later end up at these mega-productions. Then again, I went to the US Festival… but that was 23 years ago. Damn I feel old now…

  5. I haven’t bothered to move my finger to find out who’s playing at the Festival yet but I had to respond to some of the nonsense. As a geek and–I imagine–non-hipster I don’t get all chit-chat about hipster fairs and all. I’m sure I would’ve felt the weight of a hipster haven had there been one of consequence when I went to Coachella for the first time last year.

    And 3 days waiting for… what? I took a piss once and I waited maybe a minute or two to do so. I bought water and dinner for ten bucks (maybe?… I don’t really remember the price) and the line was nearly as brief. $75 for water? Nice hyperbole. Now welcome come back to reality.

    Myself, I had a good time with a friend I rarely get to spend a whole day with. I shot some cool pictures and pretty decent digital video (off my point-and-shoot camera) to later share with my young son. He digs it. So did I.

  6. Coachella’s line up isn’t too bad when it comes to musical acts from Latin America. Julieta Venegas (from Tijuana) released an excellent album, Lim√≥n y Sal, last year and has been a favorite in the rock en espa√±ol scene for years. Manu Chao (from France/Spain) is a legend and performed an excellent show in LA last summer. Ozomatli is always great, especially live, and although I don’t know much about Rodrigo y Gabriela (from Mexico), I like what I’ve heard.

    Compared to other music festivals, Coachella isn’t too bad, but the main problem is always the cost (me=poor student). This year, it might be worth it if Manu Chao, Julieta Venegas, Ozomatli, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Rage were all playing the same day.

  7. heh, Elzed.

    I was going to respond with something similar. I went to last years Coachella show. And it’s not as pad as the OP stated. Definitely a bit exaggerated. You should check out the line-ups. I think they’re much better than last years, including headliners.

    You do fine at Coachella is you eat a nice big cheap breakfast or lunch before entering (depending when you decide to get into the polo field). As for water? This isnt Woodstock, its fairly cheap. If you stay away from over-doing it with things like sweets or foods that could possible burn up quickly and dry you out, sap energy and so on. Your water intake won’t be huge.

    Take a nice healthy tube/bottle/jug of sunscreen, some comfy shoes and another shirt or two to wrap around your head and or shoulders.

    Once the temps start to drop a bit after 3pm, you’ll be golden. Coachella is amazingly fun and the people there are very cool. I never ran into any problems while there.

  8. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again:

    Joshua Tree Music Festival!

    In my opinion this is one of the best festivals in Southern California.

    Max Capacity – apprx. 5000
    Two Stages (with shade) – One band at a time
    Quality music from bands you probably haven’t heard of
    On-site camping
    Cool, funky vibe
    Beautiful setting
    Low bro factor (although there are quite a few hippies, so there’s that)

    Obviously, I’m a big fan of the festival. Another one of the things I really like about it is running into people I’ve meet the previous years. If you’re looking for someting different give it a shot.

  9. there’s a special kind of person who can stand to make it through an entire day of coachella, let alone 3 days. I’ve been three times, every time was free, and every time I have left thinking “why the hell did i do that? i’m never going again” Ridiculously expensive food/drinks, baking in the sun, barely being able to see or hear your favorite bands unless you want to be missing other bands in order to push your way up to the front of another stage and wait. And outdoor festival sound sucks. I completely agree with hell on earth. How it ever sells out is beyond me.

  10. Manu Chao, Rage Against the Machine, The Coup, Against Me!…all on the anniversary of the LA Riots? Get ready for lots of Che t-shirts!
    If only Ozo was playing on the same day…

  11. Number 1: Um without hipsters? You’ll be with yourself right? So not so hipster free, no matter what you think. Sorry, you might not be a Sunset Strip frequenting hipster but all the bloggers on blogging.la seem to be some sort of hipster or another.

    Number 2: Normally, I wouldn’t be keen on going out to the desert for live music either though I never begrudge others their fun. Some people *like* camping in the desert. Why? I don’t have a clue but whatever that’s their bag.

    Number 3: Rage Against the Machine. There is only one band that could drag me out to the desert and this is it. And I am shocked that no one on bitching.la can see the signicance of a band that has been broken up for SIX years getting back together. OR the fact that we have NEEDED Rage for the past 6 years due to the political climate. All we have had in the way of good political music is System of A Down, which is awesome but come on.

    So you can be “bro-free” whatever the fark that means in LA, meanwhile many of us will be enjoying the show of a lifetime. Have fun in Silverlake, I am sure it will be a blast .*thumbs down*

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