Frog Town Mural


Over on the LA River, someone is painting an interesting mural in honor of the local neighborhood commonly known as Frog Town. I hope they finish it soon as I’m curious to see how a naked, burning woman reaching for a gigantic, menacing frog ties into the local mythology. Maybe it’s an angry response to that wonderful scene in Pan’s Labyrinth? For some bigger and smarter ranas click ahead!


This one might be saying “where you from, ese?”


Lil’ Froggy rejected the thrill of the streets and hit the books, though it still looks like it can kick your ass.

8 thoughts on “Frog Town Mural”

  1. Princess and frog… the timeless story. Just goes to show a guy needs to be at least 8 feet tall to even THINK about dating in LA… LOL!

  2. … that was my post above. Forgot the rest of my name. Been a long day.

    Yeah – ese – like that one – radioactive frawwwg. Love the pipes & stuff above… gives it that true industrial feel.

  3. I actually know the artist (who lives in the neighborhood) and this is his message to and for the frogtown gang boys. The frog sitting on a book in the lower right corner is a gentle suggestion of an alternate way to spend their time! He is responsible for all three murals along that wall. This is his first attempt at working at this scale.

  4. Send the artist my props! I really dig the other ones as well, there’s some protest scenes and a devil with blood in the mouth, I suggest people take a bike ride just to check them out.

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