Sundance? Pffft.

Your film isn’t screening in Park City? Send it to us here!

I know its last minute… and a Saturday (with some beautiful weather outside)… but since I feel the pain of the thousands of local indie filmmakers who probably wish they were at Sundance, showing their movie, I offer a potential alternative:

Throughout this week I’ll be featuring reader submitted films here on

The criteria:

1. The film must be about Los Angeles in one way or another – the more specific the better, but this could simply be that the film was shot in L.A., utilizes locals, or was made by a resident. Ideally, though, the film is about something that could happen “only in LA”, or features an LA landmark.
2. The film must be available for easy, free online viewing, i.e. on YouTube, MySpace, or anywhere else that doesn’t require registration to access.
3. Shorts and features will both be considered, but the longer the project the more critical the selection process.
4. The film must not be screening in Park City, UT this month, or in any other past January.
5. Anyone involved in the film can submit, but they must be open about how they were involved.

To be considered, just email me a link to the clip (unsomnambulist at gmail dot com) or in the comments. Please include a brief synopsis and reason the film should be considered. I hope to begin posting these right away, so start sending these in now. I’ll continue posting films from this project through Sunday, January 28th (the last day of Sundance).

…sign made at

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    Hi, I’m a buddy of Brian’s and he actually got me to apply to Searchlab… Whereas he chose to deliver a resounding FU I went the more colaborative (lick ass) route and tried to put together somthing the powers that be at Fox seemed to like. Reaction to the short was so god-aweful that no one at searchlab made eye contact with me after the screening (the filmmakers were not invited to the screenings — didn’t even know when they were happening). Suffice it to say I wish I had gone with the FU looks like it was much more fun — and interesting.

  2. I’m a spaz. I don’t think this was where I was supposed to post alla my crrap info for the film fest… Sorry about that…


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