Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just from Los Angeles?

banana.JPGI love it when newspapers declare something. Especially when it reveals something that should be right in front of my face.

Jennifer Steinhauer of The New York Times declared that Los Angeles is nuts for Banana Cream Pies.

Those who are hungry can expect a certain number of givens in L.A. There will be good sushi, often inexpensive; hamburgers are sometimes served with Thousand Island dressing; and high-end restaurants that marinate in a brine of hype and buzz inevitably disappoint. But nothing prepared me for the ubiquity of banana-cream pie on the menus of upscale restaurants, diners and neighborhood bakeries alike.

I eat out a couple of times a month and yes, I’ve noticed more banana-based desserts lately (thank goodness they’re deposing tiramisu) but besides my breakfast haunts (Russell’s in Pasadena and Astro in Silverlake) I haven’t seen Banana Cream Pie on anyone’s dessert menu. (I guess having been to only one restaurant on the list at the end of the article can account for why I’ve not seen it.)

You can check in with the Chowhounds for the local’s reaction. Personally, I’m more a fan of Bananas Foster than Banana Cream Pie.

(Photo courtesy of MorgueFile by David Ellis)

7 thoughts on “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just from Los Angeles?”

  1. Bananas Foster is my favorite food of all-time, but in a pinch the Apple Pan ALWAYS has banana cream pie and of course it’s awesome.

  2. On the Coincidental Banana Tip (could that be the name of a band? I think so…) my local Vons was out of the Lucerne light vanilla yogurt this last time grocery shopping so I bought their light banana cream instead. Good stuff.

  3. I’ve not noted a rise in LA, but if you want the good sh*t, we got a famous Chinese restaurant up here in Sac that will provide you with the best you can get.

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