Alicia Keys Wants A Gun

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this is newsworthy but apparently Alicia Keys is talking out loud about her desire to purchase a gun. From the story:


The singer-and-actress had to learn to shoot in her new movie “Smokin’ Aces” and now she is confident handling a firearm she is seriously contemplating buying one for her own safety.

Keys – who makes her big screen acting debut in the film – said, “I’ve never owned a gun, but I’m seriously considering owning one now. God forbid, if anything happened I would be prepared.”

So, um, she should go buy one. Assuming she doesn’t have some kind of crazy criminal record it’s the same as buying anything else, you just go to the shop and buy it. Of course you then have to wait 10 days to take it home just to make sure you aren’t on some kind of killing spree, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same. Oh, yeah, and also depending on which state you live in the guns you are allowed to buy is completely different, but I’m going to assume we’re talking about CA here and skip that. That aside, buying a gun for protection isn’t a bad idea at all – in fact Glenn Reynolds wrote an op-ed for today’s New York Times about some cities and states with municipal gun ordinances, basically requiring people to have a gun in their homes to defend themselves. Glenn writes:

Greenleaf [Idaho] is following in the footsteps of Kennesaw, Ga., which in 1982 passed a mandatory gun ownership law in response to a handgun ban passed in Morton Grove, Ill. Kennesaw’s crime dropped sharply, while Morton Grove’s did not.

To some degree, this is rational. Criminals, unsurprisingly, would rather break into a house where they aren’t at risk of being shot. As David Kopel noted in a 2001 article in The Arizona Law Review, burglars report that they try to avoid homes where armed residents are likely to be present. We see this phenomenon internationally, too, with the United States having a lower proportion of “hot” burglaries — break-ins where the burglars know the home to be occupied — than countries with restrictive gun laws.

Earlier this year I posted this video where some law enforcement officers from right here in LA stated that during the Rodney King riots the people who had guns and were able to defend themselves were not subject to the same looting and burning that happened to many others. So buying a gun isn’t a bad idea at all really. Of course, if you want to buy it and carry it, that’s a whole different story and not nearly as easy. Well, again, depends on where you live. If you live in any of the counties surrounding Los Angeles then it’s a fairly straight forward process. If you live in some cities within Los Angeles county then it’s a fairly straight forward process. If you live in most cities in Los Angeles county, or any of the unincorporated areas then you are totally out of luck, as existing law enforcement has decided that you don’t deserve the same rights, and aren’t as trustworthy as people who live a few miles from you in one direction or another. If you do want to buy a gun and you live in LA and need advice on where to pick one up, I’ve got a pretty solid list of great gun shops in the area. If you want to buy one to carry it, better check out the CA CCW forums for more info.

3 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Wants A Gun”

  1. Nice summary, Sean. What started as a basic non-sequitor (as a subject) ends with a nice wrap up of options and history of CCW issuance in LA. Keep writing.

  2. Cool! Can’t wait ta get me sum gunz and start shootin peeps on the freeway! Yeeeeeeehawwwww! It gets me all hot just thinkin bout it. I just wish they made them gunz bigger, you know? Bigger. Yeeeeehawwwww.

  3. A gun is overkill in downtown. I walk around downtown with two thumb opening 2 inch knives during the night hours. it provides a better element of suprise and forces you to de-escalate a situation/setup attacking strategy than whipping out a pistol me thinks plus i’m totally legal.

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