Dodgers change pricing scheme; fans buy bigger sweat pants

Yesterday the Dodgers announced some changes to their ticket pricing for the ’07 season. They’re converting the right-field pavilion and turning it into a special section where fans, for a $35 advance ticket price or $40 on game day, can get unlimited Dodger dogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos, and soda. While this is a big change from the old bleacher seat pricing of $6 (which is going up to $10 for the 2007 season for left field bleacher seats), for people who consume a lot of snacks and soda at baseball games, it might work out favorably. The math for me doesn’t work out – if I go to a game and get two Dodger dogs, a soda, and an order of nachos (which I totally wouldn’t, because hello, heartburn!) I’d be paying around $20 or so, so the extra $25-30 ticket price isn’t worth it to me.

Some worry that the seats might not be able to take the extra weight of the presumably overstuffed fans, and wonder about the restroom situation up there. Here’s hoping they supplement the all-you-can-drink sodas with enough restroom facilities!

And before you think you can drink your weight in beer to make up for the ticket price increase, beer, ice cream, and candy aren’t included in the all-you-can-eat price.

One thought on “Dodgers change pricing scheme; fans buy bigger sweat pants”

  1. Glad to see the Dodgers have their priorities straight: $40 for a buffet but no form of transportation other than the car to get there.

    Even the Angels … in Orange County (!) … give the option of taking a train to games.

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