It’s Just Not Enough… When It’s Just Lunch

Because if you get right down to it, everyone wants dinner, a tasty late-night snack and if you really get lucky, breakfast in the morning. That may be hard to come by if you hire “It’s Just Lunch”, an LA based dating service which caters to busy, professional singles looking to hook-up with other professional singles, for lunch or whatever else may transpire in the name of love.
According to the Lawyers and Settlements web-site several customers of the dating service feel they didn’t get what they paid for as far as dating action goes. Complaints stem from not getting set-up with other professionals, (hey! blue collar love can be fun!), low selection of potential datees and that there was no selective process in matching clients up. Now, a California based lawyer is investigating and may file a class action suit against the company.

Hmm. Well, I hate to break it to ya, but this sounds exactly like the real dating scene here in my beloved City of Angels! I mean, let’s get real. I used to be out there in the dating trenches… and it IS hard to find someone who thinks you’re fascinating AND who fascinates you, much less can put up with the way your cat meows. Before I found my current flame, (thank you God/Goddess, he’s almost perfect!), I was set-up on blind dates by just about everyone. And they all turned out to be, well, dismal. Even my best friend, who supposedly knows me better than anyone, set me up with a guy who still let his mom pick out his furniture!!! I tried internet dating, but most guys I met had a weird tendency to lie like crazy…. but to be fair, I guess they can’t help it. I just read in Pyschology Today that most males, when meeting a woman they are attracted to for the first time, overinflate their income, lie about their level of committment and pretend to love anything cuddly. I once even threw caution to the wind and went out with the cute guy shopping at Trader Joe’s who came on to me, only to be horrified on our first and only date as he downed his 6th tequila shot in less than hour. He then wanted to know why I wouldn’t kiss him goodbye.

It’s Caveat Emptor in my book, cuz it’s a jungle out there in dateland, even if you’re paying over $1000 to get set up on 24 dates in a year. Yes, that’s the price one woman paid to “It’s Just Lunch” and she wasn’t pleased with the results. Now of course you should get value and a good fit for your money when you employ someone, but you must know that dating and falling in love is a wild crap throw. One that never can be formulaic. What sounds good on paper, often turns out to be boring in person. The reality is that chemistry plays a huge part in attraction (and let’s not even get into the fact that how a person smells is a big turn-on or turn-off) so isn’t it unrealistic to expect a match-maker to hit a home run even half the time?

6 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Enough… When It’s Just Lunch”

  1. Well, the thing is, somebody’s paying this place real money for a service. So it’s not just like real dating. If the company didn’t do what they advertise, that’s ummm, false advertising.

  2. DB is correct.
    And also, thanks for the depressing view into your fabulous dating process.

  3. I agree with you that a company should provide services that they advertise… it’s just that putting people together and making magic happen is, as I said, a wild crap throw. So it’s a bit unrealistic to expect that it’s always gonna work. Even if you love tennis and he loves tennis, it doesn’t mean you can make babies together. AND, your match made in heaven might not even like tennis, so you have to be openminded. Also, once you’ve paid for all the intros to the opposite sex, it does seem to be like real dating. What’s the difference?
    Oh, and Kneejerk, sorry my fabulous dating process was depressing… but I would venture to say that almost ANYONE you poll about dating in LA has some real horror stories to relate. It goes with the territory. That being said, I did finally meet someone who rocked my world and so dating does work if you hang in there!

  4. Tammara, I agree with you that dating is a wild crap throw, but it seems that this company wasn’t even sending customers on dates in some cases, and when they were it was with people who did not fit the most basic criteria set out. If you are willing to go on a bad date as long as it’s with, say, another Jew (which I think was one of the examples given), and you’re sent on a bad date with a Catholic, you aren’t getting what you paid for. I do think it’s absurd to expect a date to be a success just because you paid for it, but certainly you should expect the service to do some narrowing down of the field for you.

    But I should mention that I am CLUELESS about dating as I am married to my college sweetheart.

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