It’s Made of People


In the comments of my post about delicious sushi tacos, a number of people mentioned another of my favorite local signs, Human Taste. Of course, that’s really Hunan Taste, but if you can show me an Angeleno that didn’t read that as “Human” the first time they saw it I’ll show you a liar and a knave. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the sign, there it is.
Photo used by permission of flickr user tree-house

2 thoughts on “It’s Made of People”

  1. That sign actually has some history here in L.A. It is was an old House of Pies.

    You can still make out the house shape — now with the pagoda topping. That house shape contained the mathematical symbol for “pi” inside of it. That is where my older brother who was into science first taught me the concept when I was a little boy.

    I believe the pie restaurant chain still uses the house shape in its other locations, but has dumbed it down and has removed the pi symbol inside of it.

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