This is officially your last chance to
sign up for Cory Doctorow’s USC class: PWNED which asks the question “Is everyone on campus a copyright criminal?” The class starts tomorrow at 3:30 in room 232 at the Annenberg School for Communication and is open to any undergrad on campus. According to Cory “it will cover the ways that copyright, technology and law are rubbing against each other — possibly fatally.” There are rumors of a podcast of the class being made available as well but if you can get in, that’s always much better. Link to more info, Link to syllabus.

2 thoughts on “Get PWNED at USC”

  1. I’d love to have Cory Doctorow as a professor. As a fan of his writing and a regular reader of Boing Boing I can only imagine it would be quite the interesting, entertaining, and informative course. Unfortunately, as with all of his events at the USC campus thus far, it just doesn’t work with my 9-5 work schedule.

    Now, podcasts I can do!

  2. Is everyone else totally done with the word “pwned” ? It makes no sense, and just makes it sound like you are some 12 year old wannabe hacker.

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