January 3, 2007 at 10:48 am in Uncategorized

I’m sitting with my girlfriend in a doctors office (a specialist of some kind) at the Cedars Sinai complex. Nothing more fun than spending time in a waiting room, but fortunately I have a laptop and a wireless card to pass the time.

A woman walked in soon after we arrived saying she was here for a 10am appointment. The receptionist – let’s call her Madge – said, “no, we’ve always had you down for 11:30am”. The woman insisted she was told 10am, and Madge stonewalled and said, “Nobody ever told you 10am – its always been 11:30am”. The Jedi mind trick worked, and the woman accepted that she must be wrong and left for the time being.

At first I felt sympathy for the office staff – they probably have to deal with people like this all the time.

A few minutes later, a guy walks in, fills out his paperwork, and is told by Madge there must be some sort of mistake – they don’t accept his medical plan. “But I specifically asked before setting up the appointment,” he says. Madge snaps back, “Sir, noone would have ever told you that.”

He backs off and leaves. He said, she said. Man – it must suck to have all these confused customers. I can’t even see Madge – from my angle she’s just a fuzzy outline behind smoked glass. Still, I picture she’s one put together, clean cut broad.

Another man shuffles in – seventies or so. He says he’s here for a 10:30am appointment. Nope, Madge says. He’s scheduled for 11am. No, the man replies – he’s certain he was told for 10:30am. Thats why he’s here early.

Madge tries to use the force again: “”Nobody ever told you 10:30am – its always been for 11, sir.”

Hmmm. The old man pauses, reaches for his wallet, and pulls out the appointment reminder card. His voice never raises. “This card you gave me last time I was here says 10:30am on it.”

He hands it to Madge, who looks at it, grumbles, and explains, “Sir, this isn’t my handwriting. I didn’t write this.”

At the very moment, the man’s doctor walked by, saw him, and welcomed him in. “Glad to see you’re a little early!”

I’d like to rally the world for a class action suit/jihad against all the Madges of the world… more specifically, at Cedars Sinai. Any other takers?

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