Sweatin’ Bullets (1/2/2007): Another reason to always wear clean underwear.

usccheerleaderthong.jpg Independent Sources has upskirt pics and video of some USC Cheerleaders from Monday’s Rose Bowl. Please divert your eyes.

During the Imperial March at Monday’s Rose Parade (LAist has an awesome photo essay from  the event, BTW), I saw signs reading “Impeach” behind all the Stormtroopers. I thought it was calling for Darth Vader’s removal. Boy was I wrong.

Years after being shafted by a waitress and vowing never to return, Caroline On Crack gives Fred 62s another chance with lukewarm results.

I was wondering why Peggy Archer’s posts weren’t appearing on my RSS feed anymore – she’s moved away from Blogger and is now on WordPress.

Adam at Recentering El Pueblo takes issue with his neighbors using temporary tenting in their frontyards as semi-permanent additions.

Ever wonder what hockey players talk about while they’re beating the crap out of each other? YouTube video of mic’d players from a fight game between L.A. and Arizona. (h/t thatsmyalbo at Digg)

One thought on “Sweatin’ Bullets (1/2/2007): Another reason to always wear clean underwear.”

  1. Those are not cheerleaders…they are Song Girls. Cheerleaders do tricks and acrobatics. Song Girls stand around and wave their pom-poms.
    I always found it strange that USC didn’t have real cheerleaders.

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