Found, Naked Body

If you accidentally threw out a dead, naked, teenage girl’s body in South Los Angeles near West 94th Street and South Hobart Boulevard this afternoon, you can relax now, it’s been found.

10 Replies to “Found, Naked Body”

  1. What if it had been your girlfriend/wife? How funny would that be? bitter, tragic, or whatever, it -is- in bad taste (thanks for the clarification, Allison) You can’t deny that, Sean. It might be funny among friends at the end of a long night, but in a public forum it makes you seem coarse and dense. I don’t think you are either of those things, maybe a little fast on the ‘post’ button.

  2. here is a clue for some of our younger readers: sometimes what you are experiencing is not, in fact, a TV program, but real life. You will find it easier to make this distinction as you get a little life experience. In the meantime, you can avoid looking foolish by just keeping your impressions to yourself.

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