Orca K Pod Heading South?

The Orca (Killer Whale) pod known as K-Pod is heading south. They were spotted off of San Francisco both near the Farallon Islands and off Half Moon Bay.

K-Pod is a resident Orca group up in Washington’s Puget Sound and though Orcas are not that uncommon in California waters, the resident groups (K-Pod, J-Pod, L-Pod, et al) are known as tight-knit groups that pretty much stick to their territories in the Puget Sound waters. They eat fish, unlike the transient variety of Orcas that eat other marine mammals.

Scientists believe the whales have moved south due to the collapse of the salmon populations in the area and they are in search of food. It’s not known if they’ll stay in the San Francisco area or keep moving south. The furthest south any of the resident populations have been reliably sighted is Monterey.

It’s extremely unlikely that the resident whales would travel as far south as Santa Monica Bay (and maybe we wouldn’t want them eating our DDT infused fish). But it makes me pretty eager to get on a boat this weekend just in case. More reading here, here and here.

Photo above via Flickr by orcagirl who has some other phenomenal shots as her name would promise.

From abLA :: Tim Hawkinson – New Works at the Getty

Los Angeles cannot get enough Tim Hawkinson! In March the Getty will be presenting Hawkinson’s newly commissioned works in Zoopsia: New Works, curated by Peggy Fogelman, in their new “special” gallery on the Terrace Level of the West Pavillian. The artist’s √úberorgan will be shown concurrently in the Getty’s Entrance Hall. And yes, this is contemporary art at the Getty – they say that “the exhibition marks the beginning of a new program of exhibitions at the Getty Museum focused on contemporary art and its relevance to the Museum’s collection and mission.”…continue reading

Forget the Charges, Brandy Facing Lawsuit

In follow up to yesterday’s post about Brandy potentially facing Manslaughter charges for the freeway wreck she caused which took a young mother’s life, turns out that lady’s family is now suing Brandy for $50 Million. The Superficial cuts to the chase:

“This just isn’t Brandy’s week. Later today she’s probably gonna find out she has AIDS and then when she sees her doctor she’s gonna get her arm bitten off because turns out her doctor is really just an alligator disguised in a long white coat.”

The Louis Vuitton Car


This car was parked outside of our SiFi apartment a few weeks ago. The boyfriend and I looked upon it in disbelief, but weren’t able to get a photo. Then a friend forwarded me an email with this picture in it. Apparently, the car was part of an LV themed wedding somewhere, and I suppose now it is just rampaging around L.A. At least this photo proves it wasn’t just a Sunday-morning hallucination. Has anyone else seen it?

Is the LAPD breaking the CAN-SPAM Law?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/01/_LAPDspam-thumb.jpgI just received an email from the LAPD under the guise of the E-Police Newsletter I signed up for a while back. As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been receiving many notices from them, even though I know that others in farther off communities have.

However, I just received my first email from them in nearly one month: an ad for Wells Fargo Bank’s “Hands on Banking Program”, encouraging children how to save, with Wells Fargo’s help, of course. (click the image for full sized readability).

Sure, there’s a lame mention at the top that the LAPD will be offering free fingerprinting for kids as part of an event Wells Fargo is having at their Hollywood office… but its less than 5% of the rest of the ad. Quite simply – SPAM.

Even worse, this may be in violation of the law.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 “establishes requirements for those who send commercial email, spells out penalties for spammers and companies whose products are advertised in spam if they violate the law, and gives consumers the right to ask emailers to stop spamming them.”

Here’s a few rules that the law requires e-mailers to follow, that the LAPD neglected:
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N.W.A. visits Venice Beach, 1989

Sometimes I like looking at old video footage of LA. Sometimes that footage has Eazy-E in it. If Wikipedia is accurate, we know the following about Eazy-E: He was 5’5″ tall. He lived in the same house in Compton his entire life. He used to drive a red Suzuki Samurai. The Mayor of Compton announced an Eazy-E day to be held every year in the City of Compton. He is known for his visit to the White House and having dinner with George H.W. Bush.

Silversun Pickups new video “Lazy Eye”

Silver Lake scene favorite Silversun Pickups recently dropped a video for the track “Lazy Eye.” It’s been getting some spins on MTV2 and you can’t turn on Indie 103 without hearing this song. The band kind of has Los Angeles just dripping off of them, between being named after Silversun Liquor down at Silverlake Blvd and Parkman/Sunset, the video being shot in one of my favorite LA bars and the video being FULL of LA hipsters. C’mon, don’t act like you didn’t see some of those kids last time you were at Spaceland.

Who knows what bar this was shot in? C’mon. The answer is after the jump.
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Doh! The Irony

Out running a couple errands in Silver Lake this afternoon, I couldn’t help but discover some company called Molly Maid had decided it was high time to make a marketing push into this neck of the city. Did they hire street corner sign spinners or contract out a few key billboards or go door-to-door looking for new customers. Nah. Instead they put the “ass” in “class act” by illegally staple-gunning glossy placards announcing “Molly Maid Is Here!” to most of the power poles along both sides of several blocks of Sunset Boulevard.

The ripe irony of a cleaning company annnouncing its arrival by trashing up a neighborhood throughfare leaves me hoping this might be some sort of prank, but I doubt it… the stupidity meter is giving me too high a Doh! reading. So instead I went to their website and sent the purportedly reputable and nationally established company an email asking if, in hindsight, advertising its cleaning services by unlawfully garbaging up where I live was working out for them because it certainly wasn’t for me.

If they respond I’ll update this post with whatever they might have to say.

UPDATE (01/31): Good golly Miss Molly! In my inbox this morning I found the following enthusiastic reply, which in its entirety reads: “Thanks for taking the time to contact us!” Not that I expected anything more, but maybe I’ll respond to that blow-off by taking a walk later up one side of Sunset and down the other between Micheltorena and Alvarado pulling down every one of these fucking posters that I can get my hands on.

B.LA Field Trip – Whale Watching

bla-threehourtour250.jpgI’ve been writing about whale watching on b.la for three seasons now … don’t you want to get out there?

Here’s your chance, the official Blogging.la Whale Watching Trip

When: Monday, February 19th
President’s Day
10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Where: Redondo Sportfishing (on the Voyager)
How Much: $8.00 (normally $13.00-$17.00)
Why: Because the whales are out there … it’s edumicational!
How: Read “How to Go Whalewatching

The trip will be fully narrated by at least two certificated whale watch naturalists trained through the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and American Cetacean Society (yes, one of them will be me).

The fine print on how to sign up for this trip after the jump.
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