What You Say!! (and more)

We just finished the last week of the year but that didn’t slow any conversations down here, lots of back and forth as usual. Don’t you people have families or something that you should have been hanging out with rather than posting comments all the time? Here are the most active threads from last week:

  • Dead Man’s Party – Will Campbell pointed out some smiles in photos of Police Officers standing over a newly created corpse and all hell broke lose. Comments have lots of back and forth and talk of criminals deserving to die in the streets. Definitely one of the more interesting threads I’ve read in a while.
  • Best New Restaurant On The Eastside…? – Lucinda Michele whips up a review and sparks the old eastside vs. really eastside argument. Holy crap we’ve been bickering over that one forever.
  • New blog: LA Can’t Drive – Wowza! Talk about hot topics this week. Annika Barranti points out a new blog about driving skills, or lack there of and war is declared in the comments.
  • Flags At Half-Mast – eecue posts a photo and everyone has an opinion about staffs and masts.
  • Is The MTA All That And A Bag Of Chips? (Part 1) – Jillian phones one in from Vancouver. Does anyone have strong opinions about public transportation in Los Angeles? Turns out, yes they do.

Also, as a bonus – two posts of interest from around the network:

Happy New Year, World! – Auckland, New Zealand became the first Metroblogging city to post in 2007. We’ve still got a few hours of 2006 left here, but feel free to wish them a good one.

Bombs Over Bangkok – While people usually expect explosions of some kind on a day like today, I don’t think what’s going on in Bangkok is part of any celebration. Bombs are blowing up all over the city, more news here as it comes in.

6 thoughts on “What You Say!! (and more)”

  1. from an Orange County bred white boy:

    Why do people call Silverlake and Echo Park the Eastside? Because it sounds so cool. Why does it sound cool? Because it actually refers to a place that has a culture and a history that is not mainstream and white bread e.g. east of the river.
    To people who are sensitive to these things, callng North Central city the Eastside sounds like unexamined and unconscious racism. Enjoying the frisson created is just whip cream on the white bread pudding. If any of you had been awake during the last ‘unrest’ you would be a lot more careful about these things. It is called RESPECT.

  2. Thanks Tim for your comments. I think a good chunk of folks who live in LA would agree with you.
    As to the above statement:
    “Holy crap we’ve been bickering over that one forever.”
    Actually no, it hasn’t been forever. This whole Eastside thing only popped about 5-6 years ago when Westsiders started getting priced out of their neighborhoods and only had Santa Monica as a geographical reference.

  3. Actually the “we” I’m referring to is this blog and the people reading and posting in the comments, and since it’s been one of the ongoing arguments we’ve had since almost day one of the site, yes it has been forever.

  4. Sean, Thanks for the clarification. I only started reading this blog a few months ago. Can you refer me to the other posts where this argument has been going on?
    Perhaps other folks think it’s silly to argue over terms and geography but as an offspring of a few generations of Eastsiders and Eastside culture, I feel it is my responsibility to set the record straight.

  5. Sure thing, just put “eastside” in the search box in the upper right and you’ll get a bunch of entires on that every subject, but like the recent one most of the action is in the comments.

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