KGRL’s Top 10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2007…


Pictured: Sara Bareilles

I first became aware of KGRL (MySpace) @ the Hotel Cafe while in line for a Kate Earl (MySpace) show last July.

According to their website, “KGRL is a non-profit non-commercial internet radio station that plays ALL female artist mixed-genre, easy-listening, flower-powered hits from past to present. … The songs played falls in a wide variety of genre, mostly indie, alternative, jazz, pop, folk, rock, trip-hop, classic, and even japanese pop. Artists range from popular mainstream to obscure ones.” Considering the fact that I listen to female singer-songwriters and female-fronted bands on a regular basis, KGRL sounds like a station that is tailor-made for me. They also just happen to be based in LA.

So here’s their list to help close out this year, as compiled by Mysty @ KGRL, which includes several artists based here in LA.

KGRL’s Top 10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2007:

10. Emi Meyer (MySpace) – “Pure Jazz bliss in the likes of Sara Gazarek [MySpace]. With today’s lack of appreciation in Jazz, Emi comes to bring back some loving to the genre. Her EP Magnolias is a sure sign that we are to expect something big from this emerging artist.”

9. Schuyler Fisk (MySpace) – “Sissy Spacek’s daughter writes and sings well-crafted acoustic ballads. Schuyler scrapped the idea of having an EP made available in favor of working on a full-length. With enough fans anticipating the CD, it’s probably the right decision to work on something bigger.”

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8. Susan Cagle (MySpace) – “The recently released The Subway Recordings is a really surprising first effort – the CD is just full to the brim with good songs, no fillers. The album title is literally what it is – live full-length recordings recorded in two locations: the famed Times Square station and the subway beneath Grand Central. We’d gladly wait for the next stop in Susan Cagle’s musical journey.”

7. Bravestate (MySpace) – “This new band from Boston, MA shows a huge potential. They recently released their EP “Farewell To The Castle independently. With a sold-out (even exceeded the venue occupancy) release party under their belt, you bet they’re a group to watch out for.”

6. Betty Curse (MySpace) – “All hail the new Goth Pop icon! With the successful release of her fabulous first effort Here Lies Betty Curse former child actress turned Goth Rockstar – Betty Curse (Megan Burns) is sure to cast more of her curse this coming year.”

5. Sara Bareilles (MySpace) – “2003’s Careful Confessions showcases Sara’s talent in both studio and live recordings. Luckily (or Unluckily – whichever way you prefer it ;)) for her she got signed by Epic Records where her next full-length Little Voice is to be expected sometime soon.”

4. Courtney Jaye (MySpace) – “We just posted our revamped page for Courtney with our review of her recently released EP, ‘Til It Bleeds. Courtney is one of the few pop singer/songwriter that sounds the same or even better live. If you’re wondering how she sounds live, you’re in for a treat as we posted a streaming video of a whole show with Courtney in our Flower-Powered Artist Of The Month Page. Bamboo Moon, Courtney’s next full-length, is expected to be out sometime in 2007.”

3. Lucy Woodward (MySpace) – “Lucy’s CD While You Can in 2003 is pure pop bliss. It’s a very enjoyable listen all throughout – eargasmic. It’s about time for Lucy to re-shine in 2007 with the anticipated release of her upcoming new full-length.”

2. The Bird And The Bee (MySpace) – “They’ve been around for quite a while but they are finally releasing their full-length this January under Blue Note Records (with a CD release show in Troubadour – Jan 23). The Bird and the Bee is a collaborative effort between Greg Kurstin & Inara George. Inara’s soothing and soulful voice breathes life in their 60s albeit modernized sound. Their EP, Again and Again and Again… leaves us wanting so much more.”

1. Nerina Pallot (MySpace) – “Nerina has been around for a long time in the UK but with two amazing full-lengths in her career it’s a wonder why US has not caught up with her music. Dear Frustrated Superstar (2001 but recently re-released 2006) and Fires (2005 and re-released under her new label in 2006) CDs are just phenomenal. Both full-lengths deserve their spot in our all-time favorite CDs. Here’s to hoping Nerina will shine brightly in US shores this coming year.”

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7 thoughts on “KGRL’s Top 10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2007…”

  1. I definitely agree about Nerina, Sara B, and particularly Schuyler. I made a top 50, most of them in El Ay, but I’m glad to see we’re pretty much on the same page. And yes, KGRL rocks!

  2. I’m always keeping an ‘ear’ on what KGRL has to say about music. My playlist grew considerably this year thanks to their recommendations.
    KGRL rocks my socks off!

  3. Great list. It’s nice to that see my personal favourites Lucy Woodward, Nerina Pallot, Susan Cagle, and the incomparable Courtney Jaye made it.

    Life before KGRL was a dark pit of musical despair. Thank you KGRL, for pulling me out of there and into the sunlight!

  4. Pretty much every single artist/band on the list is awesome! and i have to say thank you KGRL for showing them to me and bringing all the good music into my life!
    long live the flower kingdom!

  5. Courtney Jaye has a new track at iTunes. The song titled “Are You With Me” is melodic, beautiful, haunting, sad and uplifting all at once. Not to be missed!!

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