The New Years Eve Conundrum

So yes, New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and the man and I have yet to firm up plans for the festive evening. First, we got the great idea to zip off to Vegas and catch the “Love” show, Cirque du Soleil’s new Beatles extravaganza. A friend of his is involved in it, so we had the opportunity to score good tickets. But after trying to get a hotel room and realizing I’d be paying over 500 bucks a night, (that coupled with remembering what a zoo Vegas is on NYE) suddenly it’s back to Los Angeles!

Another friend is a promoter, so he’s involved in several events, one being the big bash over at Paramount for the Killers, hosted by Carmen Electra. The other is an event called “The Time Machine” at The Highlands which features four decades of dance music in four different rooms. Each room’s style and ambiance reflects the different era of music. That sounds fun and he’s saying it will be the bomb, so that’s a possibility. We may even be able to slip in for free. If you want tickets, check out inlist which is a site that has lots of different events listed for both NYE and other clubs every night of the week.

I love Burning Man, so there’s also the Sea of Dreams party. It’s downtown, which will definitely be hoppin’ so be advised and bring money for parking!!! Wow…. on second thought, holing up here at the house with a couple of friends and digging into the ridiculously yummy Stone Crabs my borther-in-law from Florida sent us sounds like a plan! But only if I have lots of good champagne. And I do really like to dance, so we’ll just have to slip out late to one of these events and shake our wild thangs. Hmm… I wonder, does everyone else make last minute decisions for New Year’s Eve too? Any wild suggestions out there?

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