Sweatin’ Bullets (12/28/06): Lazy Holiday Edition

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/12/blackdahliaart-thumb.jpgCommemorate the 60th Anniversary of Elizabeth Short’s gruesome, unsolved murder with The Lost Weekend of the Black Dahlia – actually a near weeklong series of events including a cabaret show at the 3 of Clubs, a premiere and screenings of Ramzi Abed’s “Black Dahlia Movie”, and an exhibit featuring Dahlia-inspired artwork. Of course, the folks at 1947 Project are helping throw it all together, topping it all with a handful of Crime Bus tours including a sure-to-be extra creepy midnight tour of Elizabeth Short’s haunts and murder site. (more at the Black Dahlia Lost Weekend Myspace page)

Larry Elders asks, What if the NBA Had Quotas? (h/t Amy Alkon)

Speaking of Amy Alkon, she recently wrote a letter to her new prison pen pal, Jack Abramoff, and he wrote back! Could conjugal visits be next? Take a read and decide for yourself.

Westward Ho counts seven meth labs in the City of Los Angeles, while the County has “a supermegafuckload”.

Mayor Sam is calling for readers to vote for LA’s Citizen of the Year.

The LA City Nerd alerts local treasure hunters to a lost stash of gold that was buried under city hall in 1927.

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