I’ll Raise you 75 Cents

In addition to the new laws for the road, there are a few more changes in store for the state on Monday. Some are relevant to Los Angeles and some I just found interesting.

gavelicon.gifThe state minimum wage will increase from $6.75 an hour to $7.50 (and to up to $8.00 on January 1, 2008 – probably to help folks pay for those hands free devices for their cell phones in the car that will be required then).

gavelicon.gifNew disclosures are required to be given to those applying for Reverse Mortgages. (This is something you might want to read up on if you or your grand/parents might be considering it.)

gavelicon.gifSmall claims court case juristictional limit will be raised from $5,000 to $7,500 for certain cases (most already went up to $7,500 this year). Some of this applies to tenant/landlord suits.

gavelicon.gifSafety rules for new pools on residental properties will now also be applied to spas & hot tubs, owners will now have to implement one of seven (or more if they choose) safety measures to prevent accidental drowning. This will probably be good news for folks who own fencing companies.

gavelicon.gif“Urban Blight” will be redefined as of Monday to no longer include a lot’s size, shape and usefulness. In addition, a new law also changes the ability of a community to invoke eminent domain to specify that the blight cannot be remedied EXCEPT by invoking eminent domain (basically, private companies can solve blight without the government coming in and seizing property). There are some other new laws as well about notification and ability of folks to fight invocation of eminent domain (like notification and public hearings). I’m not sure if some of this is fallout from the Culver City projects and the Surfas controversy.

gavelicon.gifThe ban on the selling of crocodile and alligator products has been temporarily lifted until 2010. I have no idea what that’s all about, but I’m sure the gator lobby isn’t happy. Or maybe they are.

gavelicon.gifFolks who use wi-fi might notice more literature or click throughs when installing new networks as a new bill requires more notification from manufacturers to help consumers prevent wi-fi piggybacking.

gavelicon.gifOtter fans will be happy to see a check-box for an automatic contribution on their tax form to support research and conservation measures.

Read more here. I had a bit of trouble finding a single source for all the new laws … anyone have a handy link on that?

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