car seat safety/LAFD rules!

netkidswear_1929_285577367.jpegSo, my son outgrew his infant car seat. It was the carrier type, which is designed to be rear-facing and installs ridiculously easily. But even though it’s supposedly good up to one year, my seven-month-old is too big for his. My in-laws gave us a convertible seat for Christmas. It will get him to his first birthday rear-facing and then switch to forward-facing.

It is damn near impossible to figure out how to install the damn thing.

My husband managed to follow the poorly-written and even more poorly-illustrated instructions for threading the straps through the seat itself, with a tremendous amount of naughty language along the way, but when he attached the seat to the car it didn’t seem right. Not wanting the baby to ride in an improperly-installed seat, we did the natural thing: called the fire department.

No, really! I called our local station, #29, and the Captain invited me to come by so they could check it for me. They tightened the LATCH straps and showed me how to do it myself. I got there just in time — literally seconds after they were finished they had to run off to a fire.

I love my fire station! They were friendly and have a beautiful dalmatian. And most important, I am certain that my son will be safe in the car.

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  1. The CHP are also pretty big on enforcing infant car seats. I’m sure you could call them as well and they would be happy to give you some pointers as well as check to see that your child car seat is compliant. Not all infant car seats are created equal.

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