Um, excuse me?

But can someone tell me what gunshots sound like?

How can I tell if the pops I keep hearing around our house (different places) are fireworks versus bullets?

I’m hoping it’s the former, but I realize that it could be the latter…


6 thoughts on “Um, excuse me?”

  1. I was hearing them last night around midnight as well. Lots of big booms and then those crackly fizzy ones (which is how I knew it was fireworks).

  2. Last night I heard intermittent pops, followed by screaming and shortly later, sirens.

    About half an hour later, I heard the booms and the crackly fizzy ones, but they were definitely different from the ones I heard earlier in the night.

  3. Gunshots are distinguished by their deliberateness in sound. That is, they sound consistent in intensity and repetition. Whereas firecrackers are more random and explode simultaneously.

    My neighboring homeboys across the street decided to call it a night at around 2:30AM on Christmas by firing off the semiautomatic handguns they got for Christmas. Ah… silent night, holy night in Highland Park.

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