Christmas Eve: Mission Inn, Riverside
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Yeah, I know this isn’t Blogging.riverside, but it’s become a tradition (or at least now in its second year) that my mom takes my wife and I out for dinner Christmas Eve. Last year it was Pacific Dining Car, but this year we opted to make the 50-mile trek out to Riverside’s historic Mission Inn, a place we’d never been. Such a hop might seem a long way to go for a meal, but with the landmark’s rich history, its two-million-bulbs-strong Festival Of Lights and a fine dinner in its marvelous courtyard it was a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season (more photos here on Flickr).

Merry Christmas everyone.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve: Mission Inn, Riverside”

  1. Oh, what a lovely place to spend Christmas! We spent our wedding night there and stayed up all night listening to a thunder storm. Did you eat at the main restaurant? I’m quite fond of the Mexican place on the patio.

  2. Yes we ate at the Mission Inn restaurant. Our original wish was to eat at Las Campanas, but they were booked and just as well because we got to dine by the fountain in that beautiful courtyard.

  3. Lived in Riverside in the early ’80s and watched the Mission Inn close down and the surrounding area become a ghost town much like the east side of Downtown LA was ten years ago. Watched the seismic retrofit of the Inn and a resurgence in the area… now it is truly one of the coolest places in SoCal… what a great place to go for Christmas. Riverside is one of those places that, like Rodney Dangerfield, “just don’t get no respect”. That’s unfortunate, because it has a real interesting, historic downtown and quite a citrus heritage.

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