Loving the Wind

windypalm.jpgIs anyone else totally digging on this windy weather? It’s gorgeous and sunny and warm and the wind is whipping the leaves all around the street. It’s like a blustery fall day in LA. I love it.

* Photo by Victory of the People

12 Replies to “Loving the Wind”

  1. Yeah, I’m not sure where you are heathervescent but it is definitely not warm where I’m sitting.

    I do, however, have a VERY clear view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory…

  2. Well, I’m in my loft Downtown, and the ONE tree I can see is tossing around nicely. The bamboo outside my window is rustling… There are a few trees over near the Weingart Center a few blocks east that are bouncing around a bit also. I do love the wind, but it makes me nervous – you see, I have a house way up in the mountains and wind often means fire. Fortunately we got some snow up there a few days ago, which means low fire danger, so I’ll just sit back end enjoy the animation of that one tree for a while! As for warm – yeah, hey – it’s not Denver, ya know!!!

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