Grinch of the Year: Zuma Dogg!

While the polling results are suspicious, our completely unscientific web poll shows that’s Grinch of the Year is City Council District #7 candidate Zuma Dogg!

Dogg received 33% of the 123 votes registered, ahead of real estate mogul Geoff Palmer’s 25%. Defying expectations (my own, specifically), South Central Farmers enemy Ralph Horowitz only received 17% of the votes. The Giant Village organizers received 11%, and Indie 103.1 execs earned a token 7%.

A remaining 7% gave write in candidates – four of which were for the Tribune Company. Apologies for leaving this one off the initial ballot! Other write in candidates included “liberal anti-development” bloggers (thanks, btw!), Kenny Pierce, and “meruelo” (sic)…

As part of the award package, Zuma Dogg receives a hastily Photoshopped image of himself by me, this link to where he can receive a well earned spanking (on his own dime), and of course the title and all the free publicity associated with it.

Congratulations, Zuma Dogg! May your heart grow three sizes today.

2 thoughts on “Grinch of the Year: Zuma Dogg!”

  1. Thanks to the haters on the wrong side of the issues who voted me in as Grinch! I am a Grinch if you are a shady politician, or someone who works for them, or contribute to them. Meanwhile, here’s why David even nominated me in the first place: “Actually, I just put Zuma here because he’d probably be better cast as the Grinch than Jim Carrey.” So it’s a double-win, y’all…Wait until City Council feels the career ending avalanche that is gonna hit when they are back in session, Jan 2, 2007. (It’s gonna be pretty uncomfortable inside council chambers.)

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