Urban Safari!

Have Friday off? Don’t know what to do with yourself? Didja miss Santacon, or did you go, but you miss it already?

Lament not, ye intrepid urban adventurer! The creators of last year’s utterly charming Bunny Hop (think a rabbit-y Santacon) have curated yet another bizarre “only in LA” event. Here’s what you have to do:

Dress like you’re going on safari. That’s right: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”-type safari. Butterfly nets, silly hats, khakis, binoculars: you get the idea.
Meet at Mr. T’s Bowl at 10am.
Be prepared to get your drink on.

The organizers have all sorts of mischief and fun planned, from the Museum of Jurassic Technology to a “Star Trek garden,” investigating bizarre architecture, and lots of other options–none as yet set in stone because much of the agenda will be up to YOU, the urban safari adventurer. Then in the late afternoon it’s back to Mr. T’s for an awards ceremony and drinks, drinks, drinks.
The Bunny Hop. Photo courtesy Denzoner of Stray Couches.

One thought on “Urban Safari!”

  1. I pressume that “Star Trek garden” mentioned is the Los Angeles Japanese Gardens where “Starfleet Academy” is located (that’s what they filmed for the Next Generation series, at least).

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