One armed comic

20060723-Flamingo.jpgHow often do you run into a one armed comic with big goofy eyes drawn onto her nub?

Never? Well, you weren’t in Rocket Video last night. The boyfriend and I were picking out something entertaining when along came Damienne. Turns out, tonight she is celebrating her nub’s third birthday by doing a comedy show at Tempest on Santa Monica Blvd (near La Brea) in West Hollywood.

My NUB is turning 3!!! I am performing to celebrate…ME!!! and the NUB!!! Loss of an arm = birth of a Nub (really great spooner!) This just in…TV’s beloved, Mo Collins from MAD TV will be roasting the NUB!

Presents are not required- but if you insist…here are a few ideas!

#1 donate to Stem Cell research…HA!!
#2 Tattoo gift certificates
How better to express love than to decorate something???
#3 Bike Shop gift certificates (Burbank)
#4 IPOD for while I’m on the Damn bike!!!
#5 Save your $$$ to SPONSOR me when I do the AIDS ride in JUNE. 545 MILES!!!

Damienne had me cracking up last night. I won’t tell the story of her nub, but she is very open about it and has a great attitude and that gives her a lot of comic material. And I probably gave her a lot of material last night too. I was flabbergasted to run into a bubbly one armed comic with googly eyes sharpied on her nub. Really. Only in LA. Go see the show. And donate money to stem cell research while you’re at it.

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