Now that all hope is gone,

All of us Self Employed owners of online retail businesses can finally come up for air.

“All hope is gone?”

You bet it is. Because after December 20th nobody short of the delusional is thinking that anything they order online is going to reach them in time to be handed off on Christmas Eve or morning. That ship has sailed, and finally we on the other side of the screen can say no without seeming unreasonable or ungrateful.

I’d be willing to bet that a good portion of LA’s population is in the same boat as me: pulled in eight different directions from stress and pressure, and only now able to breathe a sigh of relief. No doubt it’s a good problem – but it’s still tough.

Did you feel it last night? The giant exhale?

I know I did.

3 thoughts on “Now that all hope is gone,”

  1. or you can choose not to participate in the mad spending spree of buying crap and getting crap…

    you would be suprised how nice it is not to HAVE TO stress out on nonsense…

    just a thought

    yours in the spirit CM

  2. CM you’ve got it backwards:

    I’m not breaking my neck BUYING stuff; I’m breaking my neck SELLING stuff. Accommodating customers at this time of year is grueling, stressful, demanding, and leaves absolutely no downtime for us to decompress or take care of our own errands.

    Of course self-employment is still better than wage slavery, but the post was about how difficult it can be and how even freedom comes with a pretty high pricetag.

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