Attention Santa and/or Hannukah Harry

Five last minute stocking stuffer and Hannukah gift ideas for the blogger in your life

Okay, this is a shameless hint for my girlfriend who probably hasn’t been able to track me down a Wii or PS3 yet*. But I think many Los Angeles bloggers at LAist, LA Observed, Los Anjealous, LA Voice, Martini Republic, or Mayor Sams might also appreciate some of these.

Side note: Most of these are “virtual”, and may require some arts and crafts skills to make a coupon to compensate (or as an IOU)… but it puts the skills you learned making those “Breakfast In Bed” certificates for mom to good use.

1. While any writer can find wireless hotspots with ease, knowing which coffee shops will have available power outlets is unpredictable. For around $3, you can help them solve this problem with a 3-Outlet Adapter. When they show up and all the outlets are taken, they can casually ask to plug in their doo dad, and any other like energy users who show up after will appreciate the gesture.

2. Even though picture hosting/sharing site Flickr upgraded its service allowing for a large number of pictures to be uploaded for free, every writer secretly wants to have the “pro” tag next to their user name when people glance at their profile. For $24.95/year, the pro-account also allows for near unlimited storage for pics, and a few other bells and whistles they’ll be happy for. (Flickr also has a printable giftcard that allows you to give them a code for the upgrade offline, or simply send it their way via email).

3. Help them make the mental leap from blogger to journalist by purchasing a membership into the Los Angeles Press Club. There is an application process, and not everyone qualifies, but an envelope with a $75 check made out to the club and a copy of application with your blogger friend’s name on it shows that, at the very least, you consider them a serious writer.

4. On the pricey side, a small digital video camera (as low as $100) is great to keep tucked inside a laptop bag or pocket for last minute vlogging or snagging video of breaking news – in the era of YouTube, this is almost a must have (just be sure to go for the slim, Mpeg based cameras, not the ones that record to tape). If your blogger pal has an interest in doing interviews, forgo the video and try the less expensive digital audio recorder (around $50)… if anyone can recommend which of these are the best or worst in their categories, please drop a note in the comments.

5. Since its too late to recommend printing them a set of blog specific business cards (with their name, email, and web address), a possibly even better option would be a package of blank Avery Business Card Paper, which allows them to print out their own business cards on the fly. Just over $20 for a package of 250 cards at Staples or Office Max.

*BTW, I’ll also be happy with an equally unaffordable XBox 360.

Photo by her daddy’s eyes on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Attention Santa and/or Hannukah Harry”

  1. The first rule of blogging in public at a coffee shop is to be sure that if you’re muse hasn’t struck in the two-three hours it takes to kill your battery it’s time to give up on that top-ten whatevers of 2006.

  2. Gregg, very good point. The draining battery is definitely a great motivator/deadline. Still, there are those times when I show up with a drained battery to begin with.

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