Arclight: Not just for Movies

Everyone knows how much we here at love the Arclight. However my love for the Arclight doesn’t limit itself beyond the reserved seating, good parking and nice aesthetic. Arclight is a whole lot more than your movie experience. Take the bar with tasty drinks or the store in the lobby.

I usually never give more than a glimpse to the Arclight store because I’m usually cutting it close to movie time. But earlier this holiday season I had an hour to kill, so I wandered over. They had an amazing selection of Christmas and Holiday cards and tons of fun “urban outfitteresque” type gifts, candles, giftboxes and movie soundtrack CDs. If I remembered my shopping list, I could have found a gift for everyone on it, while I was waiting for my movie.

Who would have thought, you could do all your Holiday shopping while waiting for your movie to start? That’s a whole lot better than sitting through 30 minutes of preshow advertising. And it’s another reason I love Arclight.