Well, A Baby Is 70% Liquid

From the Can’t Be Too Careful Or Too Stupid file, The L.A. Times is reporting this morning that a woman put her one-month old grandson into a carry-on tray and sent him through the X-ray machine at LAX Saturday. Perhaps even more moronically is that no one in her vicinity either in a passenger or official capacity stopped her from doing it.

5 thoughts on “Well, A Baby Is 70% Liquid”

  1. The part that got me was that the incident was “bizarre but not unprecedented”. It makes me wonder just how many babies get sent through the X-ray check at LAX.

  2. Hey, that was a good thing. The baby might have been packing.

    “has anyone you don’t know changed this infants diaper in the past 24 hours? Did a stranger ask you to carry this child aboard?”

  3. Perhaps most moronic is that no-one cares that a baby would be exposed to more radiation by flying in a plane (above the protective atmosphere) than by going through the x-ray machine.

  4. Given the training, competence, and awareness of the average LAX security employee, I’m just shocked that they didn’t swab the baby for powder residue after it came through the X-Ray machine.

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