Tiny Cities Made of…Quartz

Drove up the Angeles Highway yesterday just for shits’n’giggles. This is what I saw when I stopped and turned around, above:

So wee!

In other news, everyone’s getting truffles this year for Christmas. LA is rife with crafty fairs, yes, and they all make my head spin. I just can’t take it. Not only do I always find myself thinking, “But…but…I could make that. I could make that for less than…$45?! You want forty-five steenking dollars for that bowl made out of a melted James Brown record?! Fuck you! Fuck you, little emo girl! I will NOT pay you for stuff I can make myself!” And then I go home and never make any of it. Too many vegan wallets, knitted emo scarves and beer cozies, acid-trippy stuffed alien dolls with button eyes, jewelry made from old records and screen-printed retro tees for me. It all blurs, becomes hazy and vague, I see dancing hallucinations of glue guns at the edges of my vision, and I find myself stumbling off to their crafty little food corner, blood sugar dangerously low, where I drop six dollars on a vegan homemade cupcake. Sorry kids. No one gets handmade guitar straps this year with little cutouts of birds or trees on them. No purses made out of vintage scarves. You all get CHOCOLATE. yummy.JPG

Cranberry & milk chocolate truffles. Not pictured: entire trayfuls of blueberry/bittersweet chocolate and ginger-white peach/dark chocolate truffles. I am whupped, and will be happy never to see another slab of Trader Joe’s Ghiradelli’s for at least…erm…a month or two.

If you want the recipe, I might give it to you, but you may be asked to answer riddles or do something embarassing.

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