Super King kicks Gelson’s dick in the dirt

If you’re looking for groceries but would rather shop on another planet for them, you should by all means check out the Super King on San Fernando near the 2 freeway.

This GIANT emporium has every kind of ethnic food, fresh or packaged. The produce section is larger than all of Gelson’s and has I’d say 40% of it is stocked with things I cannot identify. There’s half an aisle just of grape leaves!

Or visit their huge nut department, (insert huge nut jokes here) meat market, or full-on falafel restaurant. Not enough? Then be sure not to leave before you check out the full selection of hookah pipes and crazy tobacco flavors.

There’s more but it was too overwhelming and I’ve forgotten it. So I’ll have to go back soon!

Prices are low and quality is high – and it’s such fun to be in there!

10 thoughts on “Super King kicks Gelson’s dick in the dirt”

  1. A Ralph’s employee told me to go there because it’s better and cheaper, with a better selection of produce. At the time, I was looking for habanero peppers. But neither Ralph’s nor Super King had them.

    I did walk out with 3 long green chiles for 5 cents. Holy Scoville.

  2. Ruth,

    Thanks for helping us see and appreciate the magic that lies waiting before our very eyes in this great City.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  3. I was looking at their ad on their website. Their selection of liquor and prices is amazing. Dont forget the produce, service deli and grocery. Wow!

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