Vote now for L.A.’s Grinch of the Year

I know its Scroogey to point fingers at who might be the most deserving of having their L.A. citizenship revoked, but Santa’s “naughty” list is likely so spammed with tazer happy cops and hate speech spewing celebrities, to start, that he might lose sight of the Grinchiest of Angelenos.

Below are five candidates L.A.’s Grinch of the Year – take a look, and then help vote on who deserves the title. If I missed someone, feel free to mention their name in the comments and also give them a write in vote.

1. Billionaire real estate mogul Geoff Palmer, who continues to fight a law that requires 15% of his downtown apartments to be designated to low income tenants. (From the Ghost of Christmas Past: “In 2003, the developer demolished a house without a permit to make way for one of his projects, even as preservationists were trying to save it.” – LA Times)

2. The organizers of last year’s Giant Village, the New Year’s Eve bash that was cancelled at the last minute for failing to have a rain contingency plan. Besides leaving thousands of people without a place to sing Auld Lang Syne, the event producers failed to refund tickets in any sort of timely or organized manner.

3. Landowner Ralph Horowitz, who refused to sell the South Central Farm to a coalition of citizens out of spite. Instead, the Farm was closed, and the farmers evicted.

4. The executives at Indie 103.1 for firing morning show host Dicky Barret, and then suing Little Radio for having a logo identical to theirs (Shepard Fairey designed both).

5. Zuma Dogg, for non-stop verbal whippings of Wendy Greuel and the rest of the City Council, and disrupting Council meetings to the point they passed an ordinance dictating Rules of Decorum and restricting free speech in City Hall. (actually, I just put Zuma here because he’d probably be better cast as the Grinch than Jim Carrey)

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20 thoughts on “Vote now for L.A.’s Grinch of the Year”

  1. Horowitz isn’t a grinch. He’s a businessman who did what he wanted to do with HIS OWN property — despite being pilloried by a bunch of celebrities who had never been to the garden but saw a chance to be in the news. And there’s a new garden now, so it’s a wash.

    Now who could you replace him with…. hmmmmm….

  2. I feel the same way as Lee about Horowitz and I’m disappointed to see his actions boiled down to being motivated by spite.

  3. Has the title to the Horowitz property been settled? A story this summer indicated the title for the property is still tied up in court.

    In any case, his reason for refusing to deal with the farmers sounds an awful lot like spite, if you ask me.

    From the June 13 story on KNBC:

    “I’m not real happy with this group,” Horowitz told NBC4. “Even if they raised $100 million this group could not buy this property. It’s not about money. I don’t like their cause. I don’t like their conduct. So, there’s no price that I would sell it to them for.”

  4. All I’m saying is that there’s a lot more to the story than Horowitz’s so-called “spite.” There’s the city’s bungling. There’s Mayor ‘Tonio’s empty llth-hour heroics in which he essentially pretended the money to match Horowitz’s asking price was there and when it wasn’t he tried to make that Horowitz’s fault too. There’s the groups that politicized the farm and its farmers for their own selfish gain.

    But hey I understand if looking at all the villians complicates things. So go ahead and forget all that, let’s just make Horowitz the “grinch” because he’s sporting the easiest target to hit.

    I got your spite right here.

  5. This isn’t a vote, but if people are interested, the Giant Village organizers are throwing another one this year called Giant Maximus which in name alone could throw the contest their way…

  6. i gotta go with indie 103, the logo thing was weak and the new morning host is annoying and uninformed whereas dicky was fun and entertaining.

  7. How about Meruelo for pulling the same stunt with his property on Vignes near Chinatown. (maybe that was last year?) He had asbestos and lead illegally removed from said property and was probably delighted to let it sit for 5 years, as punishment, rather than do the right thing.

    At least Palmer actually builds stuff.

  8. “In any case, his reason for refusing to deal with the farmers sounds an awful lot like spite, if you ask me.”

    Yeah, so?

    It’s HIS property. If he didn’t want to sell — for whatever reason, be it spite, greed, a desire to leave it to his kids, or a secret gold mine he believes is there — he didn’t have to.

  9. Wasn’t the reason he refused to sell to them largely because they were slinging anti-semitic slurs his way?

    I wouldn’t feel obligated to sell to someone who calls me some sort of slur.

  10. There were some anti-semites in the bunch, but not the lot of them.

    By the way, right now Zuma Dogg is winning – but nobody has brought him up in the comments. Interesting…

  11. “Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean you’re not a Grinch for doing it.”

    To you. To me, not selling out makes good business sense. It’s a lot smarter than selling at a stupid discount to satisfy a bunch of whiners.

  12. hey, what’s the deal? I tried to vote for myself a bunch of times, but it only let me vote once. As an L.A. politician, I should be allowed to fix the vote, the same way other politicians in this City do.


  13. Relax, Campbell. What is this guy, your cousin or something?

    Horowitz is a typical slimy LA developer who purchased the land on the cheap, made a shit-ton of money with the connivance of the City, and then made absurd claims of anti-Semitism (the slurs that he disingenuously complained about were made by third parties, unaffiliated with Farm leadership, on the Internet, and were condemned by the leadership in a fax to Horowitz on June 9…oh, The Times forgot to tell you that?) to justify not selling the land to the Farmers–a position that he had taken long before his sudden, convenient, last-minute episode of religious/ethnic sensitivity.

    All perfectly legal and all perfectly Grinchly.

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