Orchid Love at Trader Joe’s

Hard to beat Trader Joe’s prices when it comes to getting orchids and just about any other flowers for the house. This beautiful piece of love was only $12.95. Compare that to prices in flower shops and even at the farmer’s market, where they start at $25.00. I love orchids, but have a hard time keeping them alive after they bloom. At this great price, I don’t feel guilty about tossing them once they’ve bloomed in all their glory! And they’re a great Christmas present when you don’t want to bring wine!

2 thoughts on “Orchid Love at Trader Joe’s”

  1. Keeping the Orchids alive after they bloom is simple: just remember that it won’t bloom again for nine months or more.

    Treat the bare leaves and stem with the same care you gave the flowers, and be patient.

    You DO have to trim it back when the blooms die, however, but this is simple. Just back on the stem from where the flower was will be a little nub, cut about 1/4 from there, between flower and nub. Then wait. And wait. That little nub is where the new bloom will come from.

    You may very well have not killed your previous Orchids. Water lightly, about once a week. They tend to like a spot the gets a little sun about twice a day. They grow on and by trees, so imagine how a tree would block the sun most of the day, yet let a little shine in the morning and afternoon.

    Most of this is extra, the main thing is just to not give up on that stick that’s just standing up in a couple of leaves. Treat it like a house plant. Some of the leaves will probably turn brown and fall off, too. It’s all cool, more will grow out at about the same time. That stick will give you new flowers in about nine months to a year, and lemme tell you, THAT’S actually really cool when it finally happens.

    -The Punk Rock Florist

  2. Rob-What a beautiful guide to growing orchids! My problem is patience… and not having the perfect place to put the orchids when they are dormant. All the spots I have are either in full sun, or they are in an obscure area and I forget to water and fertilize them! But I have kept a couple alive for a second bloom. It’s wonderful! Thanks for all the tips!

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