Now That’s Fast

Being an L.A. Times subscriber for pretty much all of my adult life (except when I bitterly cancelled for almost a year in protest when they killed the Tuesday Outdoors section in 2005), I can remember from back in the day the glacial speed within which a missing paper was re-delivered. Sometimes it took hours.

Not anymore.

Shlepping outside this morning to find today’s edition had either been fucking stolen or the delivery person had fucking skipped our house, I shlepped back inside grumbling and went for an online stroll through the subscriber services section of the Times website. Filling out the delivery problem form, I clicked the box indicating I wanted a replacement copy, and noted the time: 8:31 a.m.

In a ridiculously brief amount of time there came a familiar thwap on the front stairs and I looked at the clock. No way! Could it be? Peering out the window sure enough I found its thrower hustling back to his double parked car and a fresh paper still hot from the oven awaiting me on the top step. How ridiculous the interim interval? Twelve minutes. Very nice.

3 thoughts on “Now That’s Fast”

  1. Rob, I was well able to rule that possibility out since the papers for the neighbors next door and directly across the street were both sitting there waiting to be picked up when I went out to find mine not there.

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